Rotary hoe on a rigid frame - RH 600

Rotary hoe RH 600 with transport trolley

Rotary hoes on a solid beam with a transport cart are a good alternative to hydraulically complex units, which, due to the presence of a complex frame and hydraulic system, due to which assembly takes place, have a higher cost price.
Such hoes are ideal for small farms that want to use a quality product at moderate costs.

Working width, cm
The distance between working bodies, cm
Transport width, cm
Weight, kg
Required power of the tractor, h.p.
Number of working edges, pcs
Working body

The shape and angle of the tooth of the impeller is of great importance. Thanks to the angle, the tooth enters the soil at a right angle, and at the exit, it creates a micro-explosion during movement.

The transport trolley allows you to transport the rotary harrow on general purpose roads as a trailer without violating the requirements of traffic rules.

During operation, the wheels from the transport cart act as supporting wheels.

Protective shield

All Demus rotary hoes are equipped with a protective shield that protects the tractor cab during operation from plant residues, lumps, etc. getting into it.

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